We want to empower in more ways than just financial.

Income is just one element of women's empowerment. Our weavers are hungry and motivated to learn new skills and knowledge for holistic health and wellbeing. Our Woven Village program supports these aims.

The Woven Village programme was developed with local Taveuni weavers. It includes weekly sessions in four Taveuni villages over 4 months. Each session will include a yoga class, a regenerative living workshop, a shared meal and a weaving circle.

By the end of the four-month programme, participants will have memorized a yoga flow, developed new knowledge and skills for health and wellbeing and spent time together as a community. They will have established a routine for future mat production, securing the capacity to earn income in the future.

We need your support to bring this programme into reality. If it's through purchasing a yoga mat or donating money directly toward the W.V programme, any way you can help will be greatly appreciated!

If you wishing to know more about our Woven Village Programme,  please get in touch.

Holistic Health & Wellbeing

Each day will begin with a 20 minute yoga session suitable for all ages and body shapes. The same routine will be repeated each week to help the women memorise the flow so they can practice at home. Woman will also learn meditation, breath work  and more holistic tolls from health & wellbeing.

Regenerative living workshops

A 1-2 hour interactive workshop will follow, covering different subjects each week: the basis of a healthy diet, fermentation, seed saving, composting, appropriate technology and more… The aim of these workshops is to provide education and tools for living in a regenerative way as individuals, community and with our enviroment.

Secure Source of Income

To finish the day we will sit and weave together. Each woman will start a yoga mat during this session. At the beginning of the next weekly session, any mats she has completed will be bought from her on the spot. 

The W.V. programme comes to establish a routine for future mat production and a secure structure of income for this woman