Our Mission


Empower local women from remote island villages

We believe in empowering and inspiring indigenous woman.

Our weavers are all local women from different villages around the island, sharing their skill and motivation.

We work towards empowering these women by helping them create an income that is environmentally sustainable. Through this art they can support their families & have financial freedom for themselves.

Tali Tali deeply respects the traditional work techniques and  time that goes into making each yoga mat by hand. Ensuring our weavers receive a fair and valuable payback for their very skillful art is our priority.


Raise Environmental Awareness of materials we choose to use?

After many years of use , when your Tali Tali yoga mat has served its purpose, it will decompose and break down into the soil, your plastic mat won’t ! It will sit there for many years and be toxic in the environment.

We encourage you to be conscious of the material you use and hope that by using our woven mats made of 100% natural materials with minimal environmental footprint, you will bring this concious choice to many different parts of your life and inspire others to do the same.


Celebrate The Ancient Art Of Weaving

Weaving symbolises taking different pieces and combining them together to make one new thing – surface – to hold & carry . . . life.

The art of weaving has been around long before us. In the animal world birds weave nests, beavers weave lodges, spiders weave webs.

It’s an art form in which, for generations, we have used the plants around to create different useful products ( baskets, mats, rooves, walls, fishing gear, hunting gear etc .)

The only way this skill is passed down comes through people sitting together and sharing knowledge as we have done for thousands of years. Sittings that hold much more than just that – stories, songs, support, sharing . . .

This ancient art of weaving is rapidly dying and being forgotten with excessive use of modern destructive materials and processes. 

It's part of our mission to keep it alive!